100 Hour Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training 

Pregnancy is a miraculous journey that integrates physical, emotional and spiritual experience. This training provides a comprehensive overview of fertility, pregnancy childbirth, as well as postpartum period and how yoga and meditation practice can help and  provide incredible support throughout this sacred journey.

This training will enable you to teach prenatal and postnatal yoga professionally and confidently. 

What you will learn:

  • The history and philosophy of yoga

  • The foundation of Nujuh Bulan’s Prenatal Yoga

  • Ethics, do’s & don’ts in prenatal & postnatal yoga

  • Teaching methodology and the art of teaching

  • The 7 chakras, 7 human needs, 5 yogic bodies, 5 energy flows

  • Asanas, pavanumuktasanas, pranayamas, mudras, meditation

  • Anatomy & physiology in pregnancy and birth

  • Optimal fetal and pelvic positioning 

  • Womb wisdom and the power of your womb 

  • All about Gentle, Conscious Birth

  • Postpartum recovery, grieving and healing

  • Women Circle, Birth Art, Blessing Way


BONUS: Yoga for menstrual cycle & fertility, Couple Prenatal Yoga, Mom & Baby Yoga

Why Train with us:

  • Experience International Prenatal Standard Training at a friendly rate

  • Free Mentorship program upon course completion to guide you with your teaching 

  • Be affiliated with Nujuh Bulan, gain teaching opportunities at our studio or partnership studios

  • Be a Certified Nujuh Bulan Teacher, get your profile listed on our website & social media 

  • Attend our continuing education courses & workshops for free or at a discounted rate

  • Be a part of our positive circle of women-to-women support 

  • A sacred space for healing, transformation and growth

Stay tuned for our next Batch!

Prenatal Postnatal Teacher Training 

Batch 1 : April 2019

Batch 1 : April 2019

Prenatal Trainee at Nujuh Bulan Studio


Training paling 'beda' dari semua training yang pernah dijalani. Benar-benar bersyukur bisa hadir disini dan bertemu dengan orang-orang ini 

Thank you for the love, for giving us a safe space to share our stories, our journey and our feelings.
Thank you Nujuhbulanstudio

@zahrakhayra  | 21 May 2019 


Aku ikut teacher training ini karena Tia ..... karena kalau dia yang ngajar & dia yang bikin pasti in-depth, dalem dan kena sampe ke hati dan pasti ada pengalaman yang lebih … and How TRUE that is. ⁣
I know her from before, and I know her until now. Kalau dengerin dia cerita tentang woman, childbirth and the magic around it.. You can’t help but feel “something.” .⁣
Disini ketemu juga sama @h.listiana yang dimana tanpa dikau mungkin gak jadi TTC nyah… thanks for sharing knowledge and stories…. Ketemu juga sama Ibu-ibu dan teman-teman dari berbagai profesi, bidang, latar belakang. Thank you for the stories, the laugh, the care and the positive energy.... Love ya all…. TTC telah berakhir … dengan boomerang, bunga dan lilin- lilin kecil.. tinggal peer praktek, mengarang dll… SEMANGATT yaa…. One thing for sure..
I came out richer, in knowledge and myself.⁣

Thank you…. Viva Batch 1 Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Traning by Nujuh Bulan Studio⁣

@xeniaarwita | 1 May 2019