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We believe that when we empower woman, we empower humanity. When we create change through women,
we create a better world. 


We give a safe place through our Community events and workshops, for women to commune, share and trust each other, to give another woman a helping hand, support, knowledge and inspiration. We celebrate women and their journey.


Let’s grow and learn together. 

woman circle

In this small safe circle we share, we trust and we give support to other women.
In return we received love, healing and encouragement. 




Blessingway is a mama blessing ceremony, a creative expression through self-reflection, sharing and listening, dancing for birth, affirmation, visualization, deep breathwork and meditation.


Each time women gather in a circle the world heals a little more. Join us in the intimate gathering, a sacred space for you and other pregnant mamas. Celebrate your pregnancy, enjoy and have fun!

Schedule: Saturday, 8 June 2024

Postpartum Care


MAMA VILLAGE (meet-up)

Have a safe space to be who you are, to reconnect with your inner self, surrounded by feminine energy that is gentle, caring, nurturing and offer supports. Give yourself permission to feel and be at present moment without judgements.


Sharing your story and personal journey can be empowering and help other mothers with more ease and gentleness. In this circle, you will be guided through Breathwork which allows you to accept changes in your life to heal, grow and transform.

Schedule: Sunday, 9 June 2024



A 6-week online POSTPARTUM program that accompany you for the first few months after birth. Learn about physical and emotional changes after birth, the transition of motherhood which is called Matrescence. Understand about emotional healing after birth and mind-body-spirit recovery, a step by step approach guided by our facilitators.

Schedule: to be confirmed.

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