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Having the right knowledge and understanding about childbirth helps couples to prepare physically, mentally and spiritually for labor and birth. In this 2-day course, we discuss about Gentle Conscious Birth philosophy, increasing your confidence and trust in giving birth. The class includes practice of breathing, movement and relaxation during pregnancy and labor. Start now to empower yourself for easier and joyful birth!




DAY 1 - Saturday

  • Why Birth matters & What is Gentle Birth

  • Preparing body, mind, spirit for birth

  • Philosophies and feelings

  • The power of breath & breathing techniques

  • Movements for optimal baby position

  • Deep relaxation & hypnobirthing

  • Communication with baby

  • Affirmations and Partner Meditation

DAY 2 - Sunday

  • The three keys for joyful birth

  • Anatomy and physiology of birth

  • The roles of hormones

  • Signs and stages of labor

  • Active movements during labor

  • Birthing positions

  • The role of a husband in labor & birth

  • Birth plan and postpartum plan

Our next schedule: Saturday-Sunday, 18-19 Mei 2024.




Since I prefer to do natural birth, I decided to join "Childbirth Education Class" at @nujuhbulanstudio to equip myself with the techniques,etc.

However, since my labour process was super duper fast (from dilation 2 to 10 only took around 3-4 hours) most of the lessons couldn't be applied

But it's still very useful for a first timer like me. The breathing techniques, the steps to push the baby out, the right time to drive to the hospital, what to expect during the process, the role of the husband as the support system, and a lot more.

And one thing that I remembered the most is when educator explained that when mama is having contractions, mama is not struggling my herself but the baby is also struggling to find the way out. So every time I felt the pain of the contractions, I kept telling Zion (who was still in the tummy at that time) "Come on son! you can do it! We can do it! Let's fight together! Mama's here with you"





Kehamilan kedua ini ternyata aku dan Yogas memiliki kekhawatiran yang berbeda, tapi dipendem sendiri-sendiri gitu, dan baru meluap pas ikutan CBE (Child Birth Education) @nujuhbulanstudio di minggu lalu.

Pas hamil Trah aku juga rajin sih ikutan kelas kehamilan, tapi waktu itu sifatnya lebih ke yang physical : cara mandiin bayi, kelas finansial dll. Nah kalo CBE ini rasanya lebih holistic wellbeing.


Hari I (pertama) lebih memahami tentang arti "birth" secara lahir batin. Dan di hari ini pula aku tumpah setumpah-tumpahnya, aku tuangin segala kekhawatiran & ketakutan yang aku "rem" karena kewajiban dan tuntutan yang perlu dikerjakan sehari-hari. Ambyar tenan but we reaaallly2 need thatttttt! setelahnya lega banget dan afirmasi-afirmasi baik bisa lebih mengalir ke jiwaku.

Berlanjut ke hari ke dua dimana baik aku dan Yogas disiapkan menghadapi hari H. Mengenali kembali tubuh serta upaya-upaya yang bisa aku + Yogas jalankan untuk proses yang indah.



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