Our educational classes meant to help parents to ease their transition to parenthood and parenting world.

The speakers/mentors of each workshop are expert in their field, and more importantly, they're passionate in sharing their knowledge and experience. 


Breastfeeding Essentials
(2.5 hours class)

- The importance of Breastfeeding for mother, baby and father

- Tips for smooth breastfeeding

- How to tackle common problems in breastfeeding

- Management of breast milk for working mothers.

- Important factors that affect breastfeeding

Newborn Care
(2.5 hours class)

- What babies need, and how they communicate: reading infant cues; understanding crying; and techniques for soothing 
- Daily care: sleeping and sleep safety, bathing and diapering, feeding, and health

Infant Massage
(3 hours class)

- The importance of baby massage

- The benefits of baby massage

- Mother/Father learn techniques to massage their baby calmly and lovingly. 

- Healing touch for your baby. 

Baby First Food (makanan pendamping ASI - MPASI)
(2.5 hour class)

- Nutrition guide for solid foods

- Tips for introducing solid foods to baby

- Guide for healthy cooking

- Recipes and practical application in preparing solid food