Workshop / Events

Our educational classes meant to help parents to ease their transition to parenthood and parenting world.

The speakers/mentors of each workshop are expert in their field, and more importantly, they're passionate in sharing their knowledge and experience. 


Childbirth Education

You have the Power to give birth. Have faith and trust in yourself and your baby. Join us on weekend workshop to boost your confidence! Click here to find out more about this class.


Online: 7-8 November
Bintaro: 21-22 November
Cilandak: 28-29 November

22 NOVEMBER 2020


with Dr Ratih Wulandari, IBCLC.

Kelas ini membahas 10 dasar pemberian MPASI, masalah yang kerap ditemui ketika memulai pemberian MPASI kepada bayi , metode dalam pemberian MPASI, dan Demo Memasak. 

This month Live Online workshop is in

29 November 2020 via Zoom


Breastfeeding & Newborn Care

The newborn has only three demands.
They are warmth in the arms of its mother, food from her breast, and security in the knowledge of her presence. Breastfeeding satisfies all three."  -Grant Dick-Read-
Prepare yourself for this wonderful time and join our workshop! Click here
to find out more about this class.


Online: 14-15 November
Bintaro: 14-15 & 28-29 November
Cilandak: 21-22 November

21 NOVEMBER 2020


In this class you will learn about benefit of babywearing, safety and technic for optimal carrying position, demonstration about types of baby carrier and step by step practice.

Online : 21 November 2020 
Bintaro : 28 November 2020


Postnatal Deep Core

Join our signature postpartum exercise that focuses on healing your body inside-out after giving birth. Rebuild your strength, energize your body, engage your core step by step, with our progressive postpartum core program. Feel the difference!


Every Saturday, 7, 14, 21, 28 November

Core Basic (Level 1): 09.00-10.00

Core Intermediate (Level 2): 11.00-12.00



A fertility workshop designed for couples trying to conceive consciously and meaningfully. 

What you will learn:

  • know your body (anatomy)

  • healthy ovum & spermatozoa

  • nutrition & lifestyle

  • ways to balance hormones 

  • preparing optimal health to conceive

  • mindful touch & connection  

  • create a sacred space for your baby  

  • couple yoga for fertiility
    (yoga & meditation specifically designed to optimize fertility


A self-care program that nourishes and nurtures your body, mind and soul. Experience simple techniques that integrate mind-body approach to help you feel a whole self again after giving birth. 

Reconnect with your heart, mind, and spirit. 


Join in the healing circle of motherhood. 

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to the program, opening circle

  • Postpartum body: recovery after birth

  • Physical changes after birth and postural alignment

  • Mooladhara chakra: the earth element

  • 1-hour practice: Movements for grounding and centering

  • Postpartum Transition: adapting mental & emotional changes

  • Things I wish I knew before giving birth

  • Pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles

  • Swadisthana & Manipura chakra: the water & fire element

  • 1-hour practice: the core breath

  • The 5 stages of grief

  • Forgiveness & acceptance

  • Anahata chakra: the air element

  • 1-hour practice: expressing & releasing tensions through body & mind

  • The 3 keys of self-care after birth

  • Embrace the new YOU

  • Vishuddhi, Ajna & Sahasrara chakra

  • 1-hour practice: deep relaxation & meditation

  • Closing circle & ceremony