Founder of Nujuh Bulan

Yoga Teacher , Childbirth Educator, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Dancing for Birth Instructor

Tia holds Master degree from Northumbria University, UK. She is a certified yoga instructor from Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (India), prenatal yoga & postnatal yoga teacher training from Birthlight (UK) and  a certifed Dancing for Birth (USA). She is the author of book and dvd “Yoga Ibu Hamil”. When she was pregnant, she realized prenatal yoga provided such a incredible support during pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal recovery. She gave birth to her first child naturally in waterbirth, and since then she has been conducting childbirth education course and birth preparation class to boost women confidence and to trust their own power to give birth.


Tia founded Nujuh Bulan on 11th November 2015. Nujuh Bulan is a pioneer in prenatal & postnatal studio and childbirth education center in Indonesia. She believes life is a journey, and to enjoy all learning process with joy and awareness. She’s very passionate about women empowerment and continue to educate herself. She’s currently pursuing on-going certification for Certified Childbirth Educator and Certified Doula with Birthworks International, USA. Tia is also a Qigong practitioner and teaches breathwork and mindfulness meditation classes.



Midwife, Lactation Counselor, Baby Massage Instructor

Her desire to become a midwife came after hearing the story of the mother who has experience of childbirth that is less comfortable at that time, and also her family background who mostly work as midwives and doctors. After working in several healthcare centers and hospitals, she saw so many mothers had difficulty in breastfeeding. She decided that it is her calling to help mothers that needed assistance in breastfeeding.


She attended the WHO / UNICEF / KEMENKES 40-hour lactation counselor certification. In addition as a lactation counselor, she is also teaching Breastfeeding & Newborn Class at Nujuh Bulan as well as providing home care visit to mothers that just gave birth. She believe breastfeeding can be the most beautiful moment for Mother-Child-Father if it is prepared as early as possible. She coined the term "Menyusuilah Dengan Keras Kepala".



Childbirth Educator, Lactation Counselor

Laura holds a ​M​aster ​D​egree of ​F​inance from ​Atmajaya​​ University in Jakarta.  ​She previously worked as a banker and ​a lecturer in ​a banking​ school​. Laura is ​deeply passionate about pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood journey.

The experience of ​her pregnancy and ​giving birth to her first child​ is an extraordinary spiritual ​moment and joyful experience for her. ​She went​ through a process that is not easy​, ​but ​she believes it's part of a her conscious journey to be a mother. Through this experience,​​ ​Laura ​follows her calling and has a desire to share the love​, teach ​and ​educate women to empower​ themselves in pregnancy and birth.


She wants to help mothers to have more confidence, faith and trust in her body, her baby, and herself. Laura is currently on the process completing Childbirth Educator certification.



Babywearing Educator

Golda has known babywearing since her first child in 2013. Since then, she’s exploring various types and brands of slings and baby carriers, both local and imported. Golda is a Qualified Babywearing Consultant and Educator, Trained Basic & Advanced Course by Die Trageschule® - Dresden, a German babywearing school that has been around for more than 20 years. She found that the fundamentals of the practice of carrying a baby, in line with baby growth and baby milestones. She has big hopes to be able to help the parents in the babywearing activities, in order to strengthen the bond between the parents and babies, and also to ease their daily activities.


Golda is currently incorporated in the Nusantara Menggendong Organization in Education Division. She regularly attend Babywearing Meet Up from Jabodetabek Menggendong Community. She holds a Public Health Bachelor Degree from University of Indonesia.



Lactation Counselor, Lactation Massage Therapist, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Babywearing Educator

Motherhood isn't quite everything she imagined it to be. For her, being pregnant wasn’t easy, giving birth was scary, and breastfeeding was painful. She used to cry a lot since the day she knew she’ll have a baby. Wanting to escape those situations, she started her journey to find answers for all the things she was struggling with. That’s how she finally found a lot of precious knowledge that becomes a great help for her motherhood life. Knowledge is truly amazing. It changed her life. By learning about birth, she experienced the joy of gentle birth. By learning about babywearing, she felt powerful because she can do a lot of things by having both of her hands free. By learning about breastfeeding, she can finally enjoy breastfeeding her child without any pain. 


Through this experience, Zahra becomes very passionate to support and educate mothers about Birth, Breastfeeding, and Babywearing. Zahra is garduated with Bachelor of Science in Physics Degree from Bogor Agricultural University. She currently in progress training towards to her certification in childbirth educator and birth and postpartum doula with Bebo Mia Birth & Postnatal School, Canda. She is a Certified Lactation Counselor and Arugaan Acupressure & Lactation Massage Therapist. She is also a Certified Babywearing Educator from School of Babywearing, United Kingdom.