A fertility workshop designed for couples trying to conceive consciously and meaningfully. 


What you will learn:

  • know your body (anatomy)

  • healthy ovum & spermatozoa

  • nutrition & lifestyle

  • ways to balance hormones 

  • preparing optimal health to conceive

  • mindful touch & connection  

  • create a sacred space for your baby  

  • couple yoga for fertiility
    (yoga & meditation specifically designed to optimize fertility)

Conscious Conception & Fertility


Fertility Yoga


This class is designed specifically for women trying to conceive. Yoga helps to reduce stress,
balances the hormones and supports the reproductive organs. We believe in Conscious Conception
: to connect and communicate with your future baby and the womb. 
In this class you can learn
simple yoga postures that aids fertility and conception, as well as breathing and meditation techniques
to release physical and mental tension.


This class is designed specifically for couples trying to conceive. In this class we learn about Conscious 
Conception in to connect and communicate with your future baby and the womb, 
breathing and relaxation
to balances the hormones and supports reproductive organs. 
In Addition,  you also learnto support each other, learn practice partner meditation to calm the mind,  tune in with your partner and be together in this journey