Having the right knowledge and understanding about childbirth helps couples to prepare physically, mentally and spiritually for labor and birth. In this 2-day course, we discuss about Gentle Conscious Birth philosophy, increasing your confidence and trust in giving birth. The class includes practice of breathing, movement and relaxation during pregnancy and labor. You can start taking this class from 6th months of pregnancy. Start now to empower yourself for easier and joyful birth!


What you will learn:


Saturday, 9.00 am - 5.00 pm

  • Why Birth matters

  • Preparing mind, body, spirit for birth

  • The power of breath and breathing techniques

  • Movements to optimize baby's position

  • Deep relaxation and hypnobirthing

  • Communication with baby in the womb

  • Affirmation, visualization and meditation

Sunday, 1.00 - 6.00 pm

  • The three keys for joyful birth

  • The roles of hormones in labor and birth

  • Signs and stages of labor

  • Active movements during labor

  • Birthing positions

  • Massage and acupressure points in labor

  • The role of a husband in labor & birth




Having the right knowledge and understanding about breastfeeding and newborn care helps you to prepare mentally and emotionally for parenthood journey. We collaborate with lactation counselor and Midwife in this two days class. You can start taking this class start from 6th months of pregnancy. Breastfeeding your baby should be a joyful experience!

What you will learn:

  • The importance of breastmilk and breastfeeding

  • The three keys of happy breastfeeding

  • Basic physiology of lactation

  • Positions and latching

  • Common problems in breastfeeding and how to prevent it

  • Pumping and storing breastmilk

  • Postpartum recovery

  • Bengkung wrapping techniques

  • Newborn care basics

  • Bathing and massaging baby

  • Burping and carrying positions for baby

  • Tips for soothing crying baby




What is a Doula?

The word 'doula' — pronounced 'doo-la' — is a Greek word meaning 'woman servant or caregiver'. More recently, it refers to someone who offers emotional and physical support to a woman and her partner before, during and after childbirth.
A doula (also known as a birth attendant) believes in 'mothering the mother‘ 

A doula is a non-medical assistant in prenatal care, childbirth and the postpartum period. Doulas provide laboring mothers with educational, physical and emotional support. Doulas offer support to the pregnant couple prior, during and after the baby is born. 


When Should I Hire A Doula?
Whenever you want :) Some mamas decide they want to hire a doula when they are just 10 weeks pregnant, other mamas have decided last minute they wanted extra support. Looking early for a doula will give you the extra time to sit down with couple different doulas. Hiring a doula early on also gives you more time to build rapport and a trusting relationship.


Does a Doula Replace Midwife/OB/Nurse?
No. Doulas do not replace medical staff. Doulas do not perform clinical or medical tasks such as taking blood pressure or temperature, monitoring fetal heart rate, doing vaginal examinations or providing postpartum clinical care. They are there to comfort and support the mother and to enhance communication between the mother and medical professionals.


Does a Doula Make Decisions On My Behalf?
A doula does not make decisions for clients or intervene in their clinical care. She provides informational and emotional support, while respecting a woman’s decisions.


Will a Doula Make My Partner Feel Unnecessary?
No, a doula is supportive to both the mother and her partner, and plays a crucial role in helping a partner become involved in the birth to the extent he/she feels comfortable.


What Are The Benefits of a Doula?
Studies have shown that when doulas attend births, labours are shorter with fewer complications, babies are healthier and they breastfeed more easily. Women who use doulas report having more positive feelings about their childbirth experience.  





This session will explore the technique of self-hypnosis and relaxation through deep breathing, guided visualization and positive thoughts and words, to trigger the calming vibes, relaxation, reduce the awareness of fear, anxiety and pain to prepare you physically, mentally and spiritually for childbirth. This is a private class by appointment. 

Button - OBP.png

This class is useful when your baby is still in breech or transverse position. We are going to practice 5 specific movementsto help your baby into optimal position. Affirmations, breathing, visualizations, relaxations and communication with the baby are also included to prepare you for birth. We have Yoga for Optimal Baby Positioning every two weeks. But if you need a private session please contact us for appointment.


Getting planned for the most important day of your life is a good start. it gives you a chance to clearly communicate what you want to do and how you hope everything will be panned out. This session will give you a guidance of what to expect and to make a plan that suit you, your desire and needs. when everything planned mom can just surrender and let go to the process and let the everything get on its course.

You need an appointment for this session, so contact us through email or whats app.


This class is for couples who would like to support each other,  increase bonding between mother, baby and father. The class includes breathing, relaxation, communicate with baby and also partner meditation.To get the most benefit for this class, mother need to sign up for INTRO class.You can start attending this class from 3rd months of pregnancy

We have 2 classes / month,  so check our schedule for the date and time.

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Relaxation plays such an important role during pregnancy and especially in labour and birth. Prepare your mental, strengthen your will and inner power to welcome birth. The class includes breathing, hypnosis for pregnancy, self healing and meditation.

We have 2 classes / month,  so check our schedule for the date and time.

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This class is designed to help pregnant mamas to deepen and expand their breath, to understand the power of breath and breath awareness and be familiar with different breathing techniques during pregnancy, a calming and relaxing breathing technique, breathing in overcoming fear and discomfort, breathing in labour and breathing the baby out. As well as finding stillness and connection with yourself and the baby.

We have 2 classes / month,  so check our schedule for the date and time.




Recommended for first timer, even if this is the first time you try yoga.

This class will help you understand the theory & philosophy of Prenatal Yoga.
Learning the basic movement, breathing, relaxation, meditation technique and communication with baby, to help you prepare physically and mentally for labor and birth.
You can start attending Prenatal Yoga class from 3rd months of pregnancy until birth.

PRENATAL YOGA ( Regular Class)

You can start Prenatal Yoga class from 3rd months of pregnancy, to deepen your breathing practice and yoga postures for healthy pregnancy and joyful birth.Sign up for INTRO class before continuing with this regular class.  We have class packages to choose. This package will automatically expired after you give birth.Regular class runs 3 times a week. Click here to check our schedule.


This class is for couples who would like to support each other,  increase bonding between mother, baby and father. The class includes breathing, relaxation, communicate with baby and also partner meditation.To get the most benefit for this class, mother need to sign up for INTRO class.You can start attending this class from 3rd months of pregnancy

We have 2 classes / month,  so check our schedule for the date and time.



Haiiii mba Tiaaaa. Aku udah melahirkan❤ Baru mulai menyesuaikan diri ke jam baby dan begadang2 nya. Makasih ya mba Tia atas doanyaa dan udah jawabin pertanyaan2 panik ku kemaren sebelom lahiran 😂⁣⁣Beneran kemaren yang meyakinkan aku untuk lahiran normal itu sebenernya setelah aku ikut CBE baru bener2 mantep dan lebih positive thinking.⁣ Aku 38 weeks lahiran, dan jujur semua masih sangat manageable dan lancar bahkan bukaan 5 pun aku juga masih tenang masih mandi di kamar bersalin seperti yang mba Tia sarankan. Eh dan Riesky suka banget CBE juga Dia berasa jadi bapak siaga hahahah. Kemaren sebelom CBE dia berasa clueless ngga ngerti apa2 tentang kehamilan atau lahiran.⁣⁣Aku rekomen CBE dan newborncare ke temen2 ku yang melahirkan karna kalian supportive banget even aku bisa WA mba tia nanya2 setelahnya. thank you so much ya for the support during my pregnancy.


Halo.. Aku Anin (dan Rano) dari kelas CBE 24-25 Agustus. Telah lahir putri pertama kami tanggal 3 Oktober kemarin dengan proses
per vaginal yang sangat lancar, thanks to ilmu yang diterapkan dari kelas sama Mba Etha @⁨margreats dan Mba Ike @⁨mamake.ars ⁩.

Awalnya sempet deg2an karena sudah 3 hari menjelang HPL masih blm ada tanda2 persalinan.. tapi untung aku inget kata2 Mba Etha HPL itu bukan Hari Pasti Lahir 🙈 jadi aku dan suami masih tenang dan konsisten latihan gerakan2 yang diajarkan di kelas CBE untuk optimalisasi posisi janin.. sama nggak lupa si adek diajak ngobrol terus buat cari jalan lahir yg optimal (ini beneran ngefek ya ternyata 😱)

Tanggal 3 oktober jam 5 pagi kontraksi udah 4 menit sekali, tapi pas di cek di RS ternyata masih pembukaan 1. Akhirnya kita nunggu bukaan sambil jalan2 dan posisi jongkok tiap ada gelombang cinta yg datang (sampe diliatin ama suster dan pasien2 lain 😅) 

Alhamdulillah bukaannya berjalan cepet banget dengan dibantu gerakan2 itu.Jam 9 masuk bukaan 3, dan 30 menit kemudian udah masuk bukaan 5.