Absolute Beginner Hatha Yoga

recommended for first timer 

Learn the basic, fundamentals of Yoga. It consists of breathing practices, basic yoga postures, loosening exercise, relaxation and meditation. The main purpose of this class is having a right understanding about what is Yoga all about. 

Introduction Class
Prenatal Yoga

recommended for first timer 

Prenatal Yoga helps you prepare physically, mentally and spiritually for labour and birth. Learn the principles of Prenatal Yoga. Breath deeply and fully. Move with ease. Communicate lovingly with your baby. Deep relaxation of body & mind. Meditate to still the mind.

Hatha Basic



This class is a continuation from Absolute Beginner Hatha Yoga class where you can improve the quality of your awareness, breathing, and basic yoga postures. 

Prenatal Yoga


This class is a continuation from Absolute Beginner Prenatal Yoga class where you deepen your practice on breath, yoga postures for healthy pregnancy.

Hatha Flow

A rigorous practice and intense flow of yoga intermediate postures. Feel the sweat and energy flow as you practice yoga with awareness, moving with breath, grace and mindfulness.

Couples Yoga for Birth

Move and breathe together with your partner. Increase bonding between mother, baby and father. Communicate lovingly with your baby. Learn partner meditation and relaxation. 

Fertility Yoga

A yoga practice that focuses on fertility and healing the womb. In addition, this class is great to prepare body & mind to conceive and welcome baby spirit. 

Pregnancy Relaxation

Pregnancy Relaxation is a private class that tailored your needs. It can help to overcome back pain, breech baby position, pelvic pain, headache, heartburn, difficulty in sleeping, cramped legs, hemerroid, etc. 

Kids Yoga



The benefits of Kids Yoga include build concentration, increase confidence,

develop awareness. And of course, to have FUN in this class!

Relaxation plays such an important role during pregnancy and especially in labour and birth. Prepare your mental, strengthen your will and inner power to welcome birth. The class includes breathing, hypnosis for pregnancy, self healing and meditation.

Breathwork & Meditation
Mom & Baby Yoga

Enjoy time with your baby while doing yoga. Discover healing through breath and movement plus sharing birth experience with other mothers too!

Get positive support from positive environment.

Postnatal Yoga



Postnatal Yoga allows you to have 'me-time' yoga. Have a space to heal your womb, to feel and be with the body, to have self-care and pay attention to yourself. Gentle postures and specific breathing techniques are specifically designed to regain your strength and energy.